Tuesday, August 27, 2013

pills, shakes, replacements. tv ads, and other......."stuff"

first off I apologize that I haven't updated in awhile life has kind of gotten a little carried away and the best of me but I am back and I am going to try my hardest to make it a weekly habit to update and keep people posted on what's going on upstairs knocking between my ears :)

today's topic may not set well with some but bring possibly light to others.
this post isn't to offend and it's 100% my opinion (after all it is MY blog isn't it? LOL) 

heaven knows if there's a weight loss product out there that you can buy either in pill, powder or liquid form that I have probably taken it at one point or another.  the one thing that all and I do mean ALL pills powders and liquids have in common is that if you read the instructions or directions they usually say somewhere in fine print towards the bottom "along with moderate exercise and a well balanced diet".  It's something that is there I can almost 100% guarantee it!!  so after taking many different pills promised to "reduce belly fat" and/or "get me into the best shape of my LIFE" I look at myself in the mirror after a month, two months, three months and notice there isn't really any change than when I first started.  The only thing that's lighter is my bank account.

then i came across a simply BRILLIANT invention called myfitnesspal (referred from here on out simply as MFP). 
this app literally has

some people say that it's too much to count calories and log every piece of food you consume into an application.  I say to them "what's worse taking literally 30 seconds to record what you ate or spending three days in the hospital later on in life after a lifetime of bad eating?"  Granted it does take time and work, not too much though, and the best part is it makes you open your eyes to see exactly what you're putting into your body.

with the rates of cancers and other diseases running rapid here has anyone besides me stopped to think that maybe it's because of what we do to our bodies by ingesting that is making ourselves weaker and weaker and more susceptible to these diseases?

I have drastically changed the way that I eat.  Only fresh fruits, veggies, and lean cuts of meats are usually what you'll find on my plate.  I'm not saying that I am 100% perfect and let the person that thinks they are among us be the first to cast a stone because I do go out occasionally and have a beer or two or some wine or a fried food.  I am still a citizen of modern day.  however after I stopped eating the processed food and crap that I had become use to eating I noticed after about one week one big change......I didn't crave those foods anymore....after about a month the thought of going through a drive through repulsed me (and still does to this day)

my body as well as my brain know what are good wholesome foods for me and know what I don't need or want any longer.

alright I strayed a little off topic there but hey I have a lot to say so much that I will probably break this into two sections.

back on track now "along with moderate exercise and a sensible diet"

Moderate exercise=more than what you currently do.  If you're a couch potato then aim to go for one or two walks a week just doing something is better than nothing.  always start small.  A lot of times people say "I'm going to go and run every morning for 5 miles starting tomorrow" that morning comes they go out only run 2 or 3 miles because they aren't trained properly to run 5 miles and they give up! Same thing happens when you change your diet.  I despise the word DIET it's probably the only four letter cuss word in my vocabulary.  however diet when I refer to it means what you're eating day in and day out.  Otherwise it's called a lifestyle.  That's what eating is.  Either you lead a healthy lifestyle (wholesome good for you foods) or an unhealthy lifestyle (fast food processed junk soda).  I can honestly say that in my diet only 1% of it is actually "unnatural" food.  That one percent being my post workout recovery protein shake.  Other than that I try my hardest to steer clear of products that have something on the label that I don't recognize or know what it is. I recently saw a meme on the Internet that read
"if you don't recognize it neither will your body"

the only kind of supplement or anything of the sort that I take now is a fat burner on my cardio days.  It helps me push past my obstacles and overcome what I've done in the past.  I am weening them out of the trend though in the very near future.

another philosophy that I live by is I shouldn't have to replace anything in my diet in order to lose weight.  If you tell me I must forgo a meal and have a shake to drink instead to "save calories" I'm not interested.  I'd rather fuel my body up with good natural foods and push myself harder than I normally do at a workout and eat something I can not only pronounce all the ingredients in but also know exactly verbatim what they are.

if the only thing you take from this first half of the blog is to be conscious of what you put into your body then my job is 25% complete.

I recently started a new routine, which I am not disclosing to anyone until I have completely finished the first cycle, so there will be a blog update on that in a couple months.

another thing that I should of mentioned earlier that people who commit to losing weight or getting into shape together are more likely to succeed than those who don't.  Another great reason to use MFP get on read around on the message boards I can guarantee you that almost ANY lifestyle plan that you're searching for has a group on there that will welcome you with open arms!

before I sign off on this post try to do me one small favor over the next seven days.  Just try writing down what you eat everyday and at the end of everyday before bed just look back over what you have consumed throughout the day.  You'll be surprised to see what the results are!

if you're interested in finding me on MFP, Instagram, or facebook I will post the links below follow me message me or just reach out if you need someone to talk to and lend a supportive ear.

Remember don't be so focused on where you have to go that you lose track of where you've been!!!!

Until next time fellow fitfam readers!!! Be Healthy and do something Healthy this week.  You're body will thank you for it!!

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