Friday, February 8, 2013

The Three -ions of living a healthy lifestyle and working out

ok so I can't promise that I will blog everyday however this is something that has been brought to my attention and I feel the need to address it


so I was asked by a friend yesterday "I feel like I'm failing on my diet.  What is your motivation to keep you going?"  I poised the question on facebook and asked around and the answers varied

To look better
to look forward
to think of where I've come and not go back

this got me really thinking about what I call the three -ions of living the lifestyle that I do

1) Motivation

it's a powerful word it's what our subconscious views as our goals or dreams, aspirations, and what keeps pushing us to do the things that we do.  Sometimes our motivation is for a need ie; food to eat clothes to wear water to drink.  Those are things that we must do everyday.  But what's your motivation to live a healthy lifestyle, to go to the gym day in and day out, to realize that a cupcake may taste good but you really shouldn't have it.  Motivation all starts from within.  The best goals that you can set for yourself are the ones that will not only motivate you but also inspire you.  about two years ago when I started researching weight loss and keys linked to it a friend of mine recommended a book that completely changed my views on losing weight Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle.  you can purchase it on amazon or download it directly to your phone or you can continue reading on and I can summarize it for you.  View your mind as a vessel out in the ocean.  The eyes are the captain seeing where it's going knowing fully what's going on around it.  It relays this information to your conscious which is taking everything in and processing it, which would be the first mate.  The subconscious is the rowers not seeing what's going on where it's going or even aware of it's surroundings it's only taking orders from the first mate and captain.  when your conscious thinks that something can't be done it's only natural that your subconscious accepts this.  When you're at the gym and you've been on the treadmill for 20 minutes and you say to yourself that you "simply can't go another ten minutes" your subconscious wants to make that so.  It will start shutting your body down making it feel fatigued and tired when in fact it really can push on for much longer.

ok so I'm getting a bit off topic but this ties into your motivation I promise.

I use to say "I want a body like Dewayne Johnson" that was my motivation for a long time.....until I realized that I'm not Dewayne Johnson, I don't have his genetics, his muscle fibers, or anything associated with his body.  that was when I changed my thinking.  instead of saying "I want a body like_____" tell yourself that you want to be in better shape for yourself.  I admit a little vanity comes out when people say that I am losing weight and looking good, but I remember I'm not doing it for them I'm doing it for me.

the key to Motivation is that you HAVE to BE your own motivation! I want to live a healthy life, I want to be more active, I don't want to pass away when I'm 52 from a heart attack, I want to feel better about myself.  losing weight and getting into shape is a mental attitude.  trust me if you want to lose weight or get toned to catch someones attention or to fit in with a certain crowd you're only setting yourself up for disappointment and failure.
I get motivated to go to the gym because of the feeling AFTER I leave.  I feel healthier, my self esteem rises, and I know that I've given it my all.  also sometimes the eye candy helps just to inspire me while I'm there hahaha Hey I'm only human after all


congrats you just joined a gym! you've started eating healthy! you're pumped!! you're ready to take on the world!!!

that feeling goes away

as sad as it is to say it's the truth. after a couple weeks you don't see any changes you are tired of eating chicken and broccoli and you say "why am I doing this it's not working so I should just give up now"
I think of a great photo and saying which is true
12 weeks? that's it? come on you can stick to it for three months that's 90 days of your life once you start doing a repetitious action after 22 days your body makes it a habit.  you must be dedicated to living this lifestyle and realize that it's not just a diet it's how you will live your life from here on out.  Stick with it don't make it something you have to do make it something that you want to do!  Don't like running on a treadmill? then use an elliptical.  if that isn't something you like play basketball for an hour find activities that you enjoy doing rather than finding things that others do that work for them that you HATE doing
remember you are not that person I don't push what I do for my lifestyle on others because it may work for me but may not be right for them.  it took me five years to find something that works for me and now I've completely changed how i think, act, and feel.  Both of these bring me to my last -ion

after you have your motivation and your dedication is in place solid that's when you get to start reaping your rewards from all your time, sweat, tears, and struggles.  I started this lifestyle back at the end of september of 2012 it wasn't until around january that people really started to notice my body changing.  it takes time you simply can's just want to lose weight and sit at home and eat fast food expecting it to happen
you must do something about it one thing that works best for people who struggle to lose weight is to find someone that will be just as dedicated as you are about getting healthy.  By making small changes to your life you will notice that things will start to fall into order and the pounds will melt off.  if you have some friends who like to go out and eat and drink a lot allow yourself sometime with them but be aware of the situation don't make it a daily habit to be around them make it a weekly one.  A big part of eating out is will power but we will discuss that later.  once i started noticing my body change my self esteem started to change too I always tell myself that it took me a year to put the weight back on I can't expect for it to come off over night.  It's going to take motivation and dedication to see the transformation.

I always look forward on my journey i glance back at older photos of me and say to myself "no you're not going back to that point in your life" months maybe even years from now I will look back at these blogs and think to myself  "look how far you've come since then"

so now that you've read on you need to ask yourself three important questions
1) What's your motivation?
2) Can I be dedicated to living a healthier lifestyle for 12 weeks?
3) Am I ready for a transformation?

That's all for today! Hope everyone has a great weekend and I will be posting tomorrow my weekly weigh in and tomorrow is my measurements and photo day too!!!

Until next time

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