Monday, June 24, 2013

The Bandwagon, Broken bones, and the aftermath......

hello stranger.....yes I am still alive and well....although there was a point a couple of months ago I thought I'd be better off dead.....first to my readers I have to apologize for not posting in awhile.....I was doing so well and on top of things then one of what I thought was going to be the worst things at the time in my life happened.....

I had started bootcamp here in Orlando at the beginning of March.  I was pumped I was excited I was ready to see some serious results! During my first week I put my body through more pain than it had ever experienced but I kept on pushing through because my desire was stronger than the pain.  my second week on a dreary tuesday morning my course was about to come to a dead end, or so I was thinking at the time.  I was doing line sprints on my third station trying to push harder and dig deeper...then it in slow motion I could feel my legs go numb starting at my feet and quickly move up to my hips.....what happened next only took about a millisecond to happen but in my mind it felt like forty minutes.  I fell down on the ground and landed with my elbow tucked in under my chest.....when I landed and got up my arm was numb and a little tingly but I pushed on wiped off my embarrassment and pushed through.....until it got to the point where I couldn't extend my arm without excruciating to urgent care I go for some xrays only to be told I need to see a specialist....great I have $32 in my pocket and $100 in the bank......and I was scheduled to work a double that they put my arm in a half cast and was to be on no work for three days....and off to see a specialist.....long story short I fractured my radial head in my forearm and was replaced on light duty and couldn't lift anything more than five pounds for a month.....ummmm excuse me?  I have a goal to complete and reach and I couldn't have a set back like this....I was my lowest....I temporarily moved back in with my parents with my two dogs which to them I am ever in debt to....I watched what I ate seeing how I was restricted on what I could do as far as a workout....the amount of pain I had at just the thought of turning my hand would bring Dwayne Johnson to his knees (that's "the Rock" for those of you wondering ;) )

well in the mean time I decided to start looking for a new job and literally one fell in my was only a temp job but now it's going to be going permanent so that's one of the good things to come out of this.....

now as for the "bandwagon" that was previously mentioned....I started an office lunches consisted of fast (fat) food....poor decisions on over all food and to top it off i would lay in bed and eat peanut butter M & M's before bed...soda became a staple of my day....sweet tea and energy drinks consumed my mornings......

then i went to key west for vacation it was at that time that a picture was snapped of me full body.....after I saw the pic I KNEW something had to be done I let myself put back on 15 pounds and my clothes were starting to get was then that  I ordered a book called the primal blueprint and the knowledge that i continued to learn through that book was AMAZING!!!!

now I am back on the right track and being healthy and smart about it....I've rearranged my schedule to try to fit in some gym time and over all just make better choices....I don't expect nor want sympathy or empathy but rather my "cheering section" in this journey...Ultimatley I am doing this for myself and no one else...I've made some great friends with strangers and have had people get in contact with me telling me that they have found strength and encouragement through my blogs!! I urge all you readers to follow me on instagram and twitter and let's help turn this world wide epidemic of obesity around and help kick it in it's FAT ASS!!!!

well that's all for today I will be writing again soon about a new thing that I have discovered and started taking which is an all natural fat burner......but i want to test it out before I go putting it out there!! hope everyone had a great weekend and try to do something healthy this week and remember take baby steps!! You didn't put the weight on overnight so don't expect to take it off overnight!!!

Take care readers!!!!

until next time get out there and be HEALTHY!!!!

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